March 30th, 2011

Wisdom from a teenager gets me thinking…


I really resent the notion that because other people would put a lot of weight on an opportunity or happening you’re supposed to change your values so that you feel the same way.

This is something I’ve been grappling with lately. Even though I’m a year away from graduation, I’ve already been presented with a lot of ideas and opportunities for starting a “real” life after I’m done with undergrad. I’ve taken the time to analyze each of the (very different) opportunities, thinking, “These are all so insanely different, and I don’t want to choose just one because that puts me in a hole, right?” What if I choose something and miss a great opportunity? What if neglecting my “fun” interests impacts me negatively? What if this 10% stretch out of my comfort zone lasts forever? Will I ever get comfortable? Do I need to do something “fun” with my life?

I’ve channeled my undergraduate studies toward educational technology and curriculum development, but there’s so much more to my interests than that! I love social media, educational outreach, non-profit organizations, the online fashion world, theater, and informal education. I need to find a way to integrate all of these things into my life to make it satisfying… right? I don’t know, I’ve been having a lot of mixed feelings about my course of study, thinking it’s not big enough, not broad enough, not “me” enough.

I firmly belive in the old adage, “Everything happens for a reason,” and I guess I have quite some time to let that “everything” play out.

Keep questioning,