April 6th, 2011


What do you think is the biggest difference between informal and formal education? How can we implement the varying pedagogies into everyday education?

  1. ivanda answered: when one teaches don’t ask “How can i teach him/her the standard information?” but ask “How can i bring out the best in him/her?”
  2. thingsforteachers answered: Informal education, to me, is anything learned outside of the traditional classroom.
  3. otutotu answered: Aaah, this is my BA thesis :)
  4. thescenarist answered: In my experience, informal education requires the student to actively seek out information rather than having it recited to you.
  5. bedroomastronomer answered: for the uk its uniform, stripping away your sense of identity and making you feel like your in some sort of prison, also having to say sir,ms
  6. afro-dominicano answered: Mae it fun, interesting, and most of all, digestible.
  7. positivelypersistentteach answered: I think by getting the community involved and giving students opportunities to learn outside of the classroom
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