June 22nd, 2011


Remember when I said that This American Life was the best podcast ever? Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to condradict myself there…

It’s not that the quality of TAL has decreased or anything like that. It’s just that I discovered Radiolab and I have to say, it is pretty magical.

As it says on their website, Radiolab explores curious oddities relating to science, philosophy and human experience. Though science isn’t something I always enjoyed studying in school (you should see my Biology marks from last year…ha ha ha—no), Radiolab frames the most convoluted concepts with stories, making it easy to understand and most importantly, enjoyable.

Lucas by Chuck Close

This episode, called “Strangers in the Mirror” is about prosopagnosia, or in plain English, face blindness.
The host, Robert Krulwich, interviews neuroscientist Oliver Sacks and artist Chuck Close about how they deal with this condition in their everyday life.

I find it funny in a sad sort of way that they sometimes don’t even recognize their own face when they look in the mirror…

But anyway, I urge you to give this podcast an earful. Other great episodes of Radiolab that I’ve enjoyed: “Limits”, “ Lost & Found”, “Secrets of Success”, and “Desperately Seeking Symmetry”.

I’m so obsessed with Radiolab, it might be unhealthy.

Keep questioning and GO LISTEN TO RADIOLAB,

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